Novacel: a responsible partner throughout the value chain on your industry and beyond!

Worried about the finish of your materials? About the waste rate?

Our high-end protective films preserve and enhance the integrity of your surfaces. All of them are recyclable. Get the perfect combination of technical performance and sustainability with our new range of eco-responsible Oxygen films.

And you will feel even more comfortable when you learn that Novacel now has a very wide range of products and services: high-performance industrial laminators by Walco, technical products (technical tapes by BostonTapes and High Quality Coated Films & Papers by NOVACEL PERFORMANCE COATINGS), and lastly, sanitary safety products (anti-microbial gel and film) from our new Novacel Health business.

By including Novacel in your strategy, you will have peace of mind and act as a responsible partner throughout the value chain in your industry and beyond.