Words from our CEO


Constantly challenging innovation, quality-based management systems, guaranteed comprehensive service and a commitment to sustainable development.

Laurent DEROLEZ, Chairman of Novacel

The people at Novacel care about your reputation, your products and your family! Novacel thrives on making sure the value of your business is well taken care of, starting in your plant and going on to your customer... and all the way to the end customer... while at the same time reducing waste and protecting the planet. You may not have been aware of it, but our products have been there during the forming, fixing, and gluing processes, protecting your goods.

Novacel started out by delivering adhesive coated papers, responding to your needs for products that are pristine, products that arrive at the home with the highest quality even after those bending, drilling and forming processes. Novacel continues to help deliver clean, unscratched sinks, bathtubs and window frames. With Novacel protection products you get no unpleasant surprises.

Building partnership after partnership, Novacel delivers innovation after innovation to provide solutions for your issues. Your requirements for high-level service and top-quality performance are met by Novacel. And throughout all its many successes in supporting you and your business, Novacel’s corporate approach has always been responsible and earth-friendly. 

The world is waking up, demanding quality, service, innovation, environmental care and social responsibility from its global suppliers.  Novacel is your proactive partner, making a difference now, helping your team to grow stronger now – globally – responsibly – ecologically.
Together, B2B will mean Best to Best.

This is Novacel.