Words from our CEO

Etienne Petit

Chargeurs Protective Films, with its flagship brands Novacel and Boston Tapes, is an exciting business driven by enthusiastic women and men committed to their company. You can count on me to devote all my energy as a hands-on president to ensuring the continuity of our collective venture.

In a period still subject to upheaval, CPF needs to overcome industrial and commercial challenges. Our ability to invent innovative, green and sustainable solutions will allow us to move forward... CPF, a global leader, must be the Group that marks the way ahead!

Our customers are our priority: we must continue to support them in seeking the right solution to add value to their products, thereby becoming one of their key partners. The time has come to return to a conquering commercial spirit in order to ensure that CPF can enjoy sustainable growth.

Our members of staff: you are our core resource and we must support, train and value you, because you are our talents of today and tomorrow. It is also our goal to open up to the outside world in order to attract new skills and add to our wealth of expertise.

This is a fantastic challenge I look forward to pursuing over time alongside all of you.

Etienne Petit, President and CEO of NOVACEL and CEO of Chargeurs Protective Films