Jean-Loup Masson

R&D, Innovation and Product Director

Jean-Loup Masson, in his role as Innovation, Marketing and Digital Director, ensures that customers are satisfied and that Chargeurs Protective Films is accompanying their growth. Teaming up with the Continental Directors and the members of the Executive Committee, he helps guide customer growth by reaching out to them, listening to their issues (relating to Marketing, including digital marketing), before going on to propose innovative offerings, in both services and products (Innovation, including R&D), and finally making sure that they are happy with our solutions. Alongside this, Jean-Loup Masson seeks to anticipate game-changing market trends, and is further innovating to improve the environmental and societal impacts of Chargeurs Protective Films’ offers.

Jean-Loup Masson graduated in 2001 from both the University of Texas at Austin (USA) and Ecole Centrale de Lille (France). He holds a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering and a pluridisciplinary Engineering degree. His thesis relates to ultrathin (hundreds of nanometers) polymer films. After a post-doctoral stint at Centre des Etudes Atomiques de Saclay (France), he joined Novacel as a Research Manager in 2003.

In 2011, he was appointed R&D Director of Novacel, the leading brand, followed, in 2016, by R&D Director for Chargeurs Protective Films. In early 2018, Jean-Loup became Innovation, Marketing and Digital Director, Senior Vice President, to further develop our markets through enhanced Marketing and R&D synergies. In 2017, the percentage of new products in CPF’s sales stood at 22% of net sales.