Etienne Petit


Etienne Petit is a graduate of University of Paris-Dauphine and holds a postgraduate diploma in Finance. He began his career in 1990 at Ciments Français as Comptroller, and was later appointed Chief Financial Officer for the subsidiary in Portugal.

In 1995, he joined the Veolia Group (formerly the Compagnie Générale des Eaux) during the expansion of the Group’s international activities in the WATER INDUSTRY, holding the post of Deputy CEO for Central Europe, followed by that of Deputy CEO Europe.

When the Group reorganized its geographical footprint in 2013, he became Chairman and CEO for Germany, tasked with turning around and transforming Group operations in the Group’s third most important country. In 2019, he was appointed Group Purchasing Director, also sitting on the Board of Management.

In 2021, backed by many years’ experience of international operations and his expertise in the areas of the circular economy and development, he joined the Chargeurs Group, taking on the duties of Delegated Executive Director for Transformation, Acquisitions and Innovation, Special Adviser to the President, with a seat on the Executive Committee. Alongside these duties, from September 1st he has held the post of President of Novacel and President and CEO of Chargeurs Protective Films (net sales of €270m in 2020, a global presence in 85 countries and a headcount of 725).