Eric Medhar

Chief Digital Officer

Eric Medhar holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's Degree in Information Systems.

His initial experience as an engineer and project manager in the healthcare sector, and later in IT services and software publishing, led him to acquire robust skills in project management as well as in the leadership of transversal teams

He then joined Novacel in 2004, where he soon became studies manager in the IT department. He has developed skills in transformational projects, both industrial and commercial.

In 2010 he was promoted to head of the Information Systems Department of the Chargeurs Protective Films division. As Information System Director, he is responsible for the implementation of business-oriented solutions to best meet the strategic objectives of the company.

Now Chief Digital Officer, he is in charge of the integration of digital technologies into all company activities with the objective of making far-reaching improvements to the experience of our customers, suppliers and employees.