Cristiano Paduano

EMEA Managing Director

In 2006, Cristiano Paduano joined the CPF division of Chargeurs group with the role of controller of the Italian entity Boston Tapes, reaching the position of CFO in 2008. After a bit more than 2 years ( beg. of 2011) he was appointed General Manager of Boston Tapes plant and manager in charge for the development of technical tapes business. In 2012 he became CEO of both Boston Tapes spa and the Boston Tapes commercial srl (spin off of technical tapes sales and r&d). In 2018, with the implementation of CPF continental organization, Cristiano was appointed Continental Director and joined the Executive Committee of CPF.

Cristiano is the Managing Director EMEA of Chargeurs Protective Films and is also in charge for the management of the technical tapes business worldwide which has more than doubled since he was appointed head of development. He is president of the board of directors of Boston tapes spa, Boston tapes commercial srl, Novacel iberica and Novacel Italy.   

Before joining Chargeurs group Cristiano worked for many years as team leader in one of the biggest international accounting and transaction services companies. He graduated at the University of Naples in business administration/economics with a thesis-research work made in US focused on the American banking system and just after attended a 6 months internship-management training in New York with a company operating in the airlines business.