This is Novacel: to always serve you

To best meet your requests, we have carried out in 2019 a customer satisfaction survey (INIT) with a sample of 4643 people. So here is the result: 92% of you are satisfied with us, 95% declared that we are "Responsible", "Ethical" and "Trustworthy", 98% are ready to work with us again. We would like to warmly thank our customers who kindly answered this questionnaire. Any completed and returned questionnaire allowed us to make a donation to WWF, for the preservation of our planet's biodiversity.

Our values:

We design & assemble advanced additive solutions that enhance your products and protect people and the planet.

To always better serve you, we have set up a very dynamic and expert program, based on our values of Passion, Commitment, Daring and Reliability:

Talent management

  • 720 international talents, benefiting from intensive training programs
  • A committed management team with an integrity and ethical behavior

Smart & Advanced Manufacturing 

  • State-of-the-art production equipment
  • Partnerships of excellence

Sales & Marketing

  • An international presence in 85 countries
  • Expert marketing teams in your markets, aware of societal trends and developments
  • A dynamic and dedicated sales force

Distinctive Innovation

  • Distinctive processes / products / services
  • a combined offer of protective films and applicators

Novacel is also:

  • more than 40 years of experience in industrial surface protection, technical tapes, coatings and machinery
  • strong and concrete commitments to sustainable development and societal aspects
  • a rigorous and a cautious financial culture