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Talent management

The Novacel’s development requires that particular attention be given to the talent that makes up its workforce. The men and women who work in our businesses are often passionate about their activities, and their engagement is invaluable in maintaining the quality of the products and services offered. “Passion” is one of our values, along with “Commitment”, “Daring” and “Reliability”. These values, supported by all, are shared from day one to new employees who join us.

Your career at Novacel

Your career with us will reflect your ability to apply your skills to our projects. Each staff member is part of an agile and responsive organization, where he or she will have the opportunity to express their potential within teams organized on a human scale.

Attracting female talent

For Novacel, being a woman in the industry is no exception. Whether they are maintenance technicians or quality managers, R&D researchers or production operators, women now occupy all the jobs at Novacel. Our objective is to support equal opportunities and further expand our talent pool by recruiting and promoting women within our structures.

Various actions are also carried out nationally and locally to promote the industry's professions and change our image in order to encourage women to join us: interventions in middle and high schools, site visits, relations with the grandes écoles, etc.

We also scored 86/100 on the professional equality index between women and men in France. This score is based on a calculation method provided by the Ministry of Labour and the Secretariat of State for Equality between Women and Men and the Fight against Discrimination.

“Our good score measured on the indicators of pay gap, individual increase gap, and promotion gap between women and men demonstrates Novacel 's commitment to internal equity, diversity and equal opportunities through its human resources policy” declared Elisabeth Barbier, Human Ressources Manager.

Novacel will continue its actions in this area and more specifically, will strengthen its internal controls and will continue its actions to strengthen the gender mix at the head of the company. 

Act No. 2018-771 of 5 September 2018 (the so-called "Professional Future" Act), supplemented by Decree No. 2019-15 of 8 January 2019, requires employers to assess the pay gap between women and men, leading to a public social rating of the company and, for those in which the gaps are excessive, the obligation to implement corrective measures (articles L 1142-7 to 10 of the Labour Code).

Index of professional equality between women and men at Novacel in France:
a good result thanks to proactive action plans
  Indicators Novacel

Number of indicator points

Indic. 1 Pay gap between women and men 31 40

Indic. 2

Difference in individual increase rates between women and men 20 20

Indic. 3

Difference in promotion rates between women and men 10 15

Indic. 4

Number of female employees who returned from maternity leave during the reference year and who received an increase upon their return during the same period 15 15

Indic. 5

Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the ten highest paid employees 10 10
Total of calculable indicators - 86 85
Index (out of 100 points) - 86 100