Novacel, a Chargeurs company, continues to promote high values for a green planet.

Chargeurs, our holding company, signed the United Nations Global Compact since 2017 

The Global Compact initiative and its ten core principles bring together the world's most innovative companies in terms of sustainability, companies committed to exceeding the standards of excellence defined through thematic initiatives that will make a lasting difference.

“Membership of the Global Compact supports our Game Changer strategy in niche industrial markets. Chargeurs now ranks amongst the most innovative companies in the world in sustainable development, raising its standards and the entry barriers to its businesses even higher", said Michaël Fribourg, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Chargeurs Group during the Global Compact

Membership of the Global Compact enhances the value we can bring to our customers, employees, shareholders and partners, and to all the local and international communities with which we work. It marks a turning point in our strategy of differentiation in our businesses.

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NNovacel committed for a green planetovacel is committed to a green planet

Novacel continues to strongly promote an eco-responsible value chain.

Surface protection’s primary purpose is to reduce waste and material rejections at every stage in the supply chain: manufacturing, distribution and installation.  Customers all benefit from Novacel products. Protecting the refrigerator, dishwasher or window with just a few microns of Novacel’s recyclable film dramatically reduces the risks of scratches or other damage, delivering a pristine product all the way to the end-user. Novacel’s surface protection is your tool for limiting waste and damage issues

Novacel products are recyclable.

Oxygen, the Novacel alternative range

Did you know? Green products are available from Novacel. Did you know?  Novacel holds technology patents specifically for creating environmentally friendly products. Just a few examples:  paper, recycled plastic, biosourced, biocompostable films. And coming soon, the same surface protection but with substantially less plastic.  And all earth-friendly.  Novacel’s teams are vigorously pushing the boundaries of societally acceptable protective films, working every day to achieve exciting results.

Novacel – delivering the innovation you need to protect your products, your business and the world.


Our Regional Commitments

COP 21 Métropole Rouen NormandieOn December 14, 2018, as an influential local industrial player, we signed the "Rouen Climate Agreement" with the Rouen Normandy Metropolitan authority. This agreement summarizes the actions implemented to date and the objectives still to be achieved to reduce the environmental footprint of the Déville-lès-Rouen site. Here are some examples:

  • Cutting VOC emissions by half within 5 years.
  • Increasing the proportion of green electricity supply to 27% by 2020, and to 40% by 2030.
  • Replacing the electric motors of end-of-life equipment with high-efficiency units.
  • Implementing RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidation) and using the energy generated to meet site needs – by 2021.

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Ensuring a high level of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety performance

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

Novacel is ISO 45001, ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified.

Our commitments to customer satisfaction

To best meet your requests, we have carried out in 2019 a customer satisfaction survey (INIT) with a sample of 4643 people. So the result is: 92% of you are satisfied with us, 95% declared that we are "Responsible", "Ethical" and "Trustworthy", 98% are ready to work with us again. We would like to warmly thank our customers who kindly answered this questionnaire. Any completed and returned questionnaire allowed us to make a donation to WWF, for the preservation of our planet's biodiversity.

We at Novacel are committed to continue the process of Quality, Environment & Security to improve the satisfaction of our customers and all parties interested in its activities, in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Novacel has undertaken a continuous improvement policy aimed at guaranteeing its growth and improving its competitiveness for the benefit of its customers and staff and in partnership with the relevant stakeholders. 

According to the 5 strategic axes of the CPF division, the ambition of Novacel is to accelerate its development:

  • In Asia, 
  • On acyclical markets, 
  • By proposing eco-responsible solutions
  • By enhancing its know-how and interpersonal skills
  • By offering its best “customer experience”.

For that, senior management has initiated a program to:

  • Protect from physical injury and guarantee the safety of people and property,
  • Manage projects and changes that encourage the creation of a robust Quality, Safety and Environmental culture:
    • by developing transverse work methods for working together,
    • by focusing efforts on cause analysis, completion and measurement of action effectiveness, as well as by taking advantage of opportunities to achieve the expected results,
  • Respond to the impact of our activities on the environment in order to protect it,
  • Fulfil all legal, standard and other applicable requirements, including relevant stakeholders,
  • Drive projects aimed at improving customer satisfaction levels,
  • Make all necessary resources and skills available,
  • Measure the effectiveness and performance of the QSE system and to undertake continuous improvement of the QSE management system,
  • Promote increased sales by supporting innovation activities (value-added product, digitization, eco-design).

Senior management commits to:

Health and Safety Quality Environment
  • Providing safe and healthy working conditions in order to prevent occupationally-related traumas and pathologies,
  • Eliminating hazards and reducing risks for workplace first-aid personnel,
  • Interacting with and enabling workers to participate,
  • Checking regularly that the system is operating correctly and that action taken is effective.
  • Reducing risks and seizing opportunities to impact product quality and the QSE Management System,
  • Enhancing delivery lead time reliability,
  • Controlling internal and external costs.
  • Protecting the environment, including preventing pollution,
  • Monitoring and measuring environmental aspects to reduce significant environmental factors
  • Controlling continuously its water-based and atmospheric emissions to prevent pollution.

With the following major objectives:

  • To reduce accident rates,
  • To improve quality of life in the workplace.
  • To reduce customer complaint levels,
  • To improve service/lead-time compliance levels. 
  • To reduce VOC and GHG emissions,
  • To eliminate all water pollution,
  • To reduce waste.
  • To develop eco-designed, high-quality innovative products