From kitchens to laundry rooms, you design a diversity of practical, eco-efficient and elegant appliances. Novacel’s protection ensures your customers take them home in pristine condition.  

Example of Appliances Surfaces protected by Novacel

Complex appliance designs in steel would not exist without Novacel’s Laser and deep drawing protection range.

Glossy, reflective painted finishes are sensitive surfaces that require high visual quality and easy-peel* behavior Novacel films.

Assembling all these materials is made easy by the wide range of Boston Tapes adhesive tapes, such as freezer tapes and double-sided tapes.

Plastics can be much more easily formed and protected with Novacel’s films.

And remember that Walco, powered by Novacel, provides the right tools to lay the adhesive films on your valuable materials.

*easy to remove