Novacel Health

NOVACEL is a French brand, part of the Chargeurs Group, which for 150 years has been a world leader in a number of cutting-edge activities involving materials chemistry, textiles and the luxury sector. For several decades now the Group has been developing the expertise of its Normandy plant and three other production sites around the world. That expertise has been focused from the outset on protecting the most vulnerable substrates using temporary usage films with unique, unparalleled properties.

In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic and the associated health-related constraints, NOVACEL decided to devote a large part of its innovation and development resources to sanitary safety with the launch of a special product range,  NOVACEL HEALTH, dedicated to general health protection.

You will find in the following pages details of the products developed by NOVACEL HEALTH in order to supplement or facilitate the social distancing measures recommended by the French Ministry of Health and the WHO.