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Do you deliver innovations in your markets on a daily basis? Novacel can partner with you to help drive your growth!

This is demonstrated every day - at Novacel, innovation is a true core value for all our teams.

I want to boost my metal cutting productivity. I use laser fiber technology. What do you recommend?



Do you know that 4228REF is THE must-have product?

Unwinding the rolls is painful, hard and noisy. Help me because my teams don’t want to use them anymore!



The patented Low noise technology will make your team’s life way much easier! Use it once and you’ll never come back!

I have to form my metal sheets by deep drawing. I want a simple, efficient solution. Do you have?



Deep blue by Novacel is made for you: Peace of mind, easy to apply, perfect fit, adapted to every shape.

My customers want matter and matter finishes on their surfaces. What can I do?



If you produce mat, rough or wrinkled precoated panels, then start with Olympeaks range
Or try Skinfit by Novacel, the safe and strong protection for window profiles!

I’m in the glass industry, I want to protect any window size, but I don’t have laminators nor films!



Walco, powered by Novacel, patented the VX2 to boost your productivity for vertical lamination.
And you can associate it with Forglass by Novacel, a full range of protective films.
Want to secure your mirrors or lacquered glass? Use the Safety Back Film by Novacel.

Help me! I have changeover issues. My roll-to-roll splicing often fails!



Try Boston Tapes Q2-Splice very soon. You will get your quick and quality splicing.

And more to come, in partnership with you. Tell us what’s next?

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